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Falls Tax and Consulting Presents Financial Literacy

Financial Literacy Training Workshops


Our Company

High School

Falls Accounting & Tax Consulting, LLC (dba Falls Consulting) would like to introduce financial literacy workshops for students. We offer cohort programs for Seniors and afterschool workshops for students of all ages.


Our program focuses on preparing young adults for real life challenges. We take a hands-on approach where we utilize case studies, real life situations

that our youth see in the media, games, and other tools to engage students.


We include explanations of the psychology around money, habits related to money, planning related to money, income, credit, entrepreneurship, investment, and career choices. For our afterschool programing, we coupled finance with a given trade.


All of our workshops are taught by seasoned professionals in the industry and one of our finance or accounting professionals. We developed the workshops listed in this pamphlet as an example of some of what we offer. Our goal is to tailor the workshops for your school.


This does not represent all of our workshops. This represents what is currently available and more will be added. Please review the workshops and let us know what topics we can tailor for your school.




Stephanie Falls-Warr, President/Owner

What we offer

Diverse Learning

We offer interactive seminars, both online and in person.  Our expert team is helping adults and youth to make informed financial decisions and encouraging them to carve out a more secure financial future.  Let us work with you and teach you how to fish. Call today to set up your free consultation so we can tailor our program to fit your needs.

* Due to the current pandemic, we are only offering online workshops/seminars at this time. To deliver our online content using various platforms (e.g. Google, Zoom, etc). 

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